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As part of Nursing Solutions we at are able to provide overseas opportunities for nurses who wish to relocate to Australia, America or Republic of Ireland. Nursing is a profession that has been recognized as a career avenue in growing economies where opportunities are coming up. Today the countries that are filling the void in the UK are India, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Ireland, South Africa and Poland.

The need for nurses is often depicted as cyclical in nature. Throughout history, the world has experienced a series of nursing surpluses and shortages. However, the current global shortage has been characterised as being unlike those experienced in the past. Trends of an ageing Registered Nurse (RN) workforce and limited supply to fill the impending vacancies are some of the unique aspects that bring a new dimension to an old problem faced primarily in the Western World.

Today's nursing shortage will not be resolved by simply returning to the solutions of yester-year and strategies to reduce its impact will have to be more creative to focus on the long-term.

Five main areas identified

Five main areas identified as the major contributors to the nursing shortages are:-

According toLabor Statistics, 450,000 additional registered nurses will be needed to fill their present demand through to the year 2012. The demand in the UK is leading to shortfalls in Kuwait, Oman, UAE and other Middle Eastern countries where they are looking at Indian nurses more and more as most of the Filipino nurses are heading to the UK, which has always been their first priority.

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For nurses seeking positions in America LWL can offer compensated CGFNS/NCLEX on-line training modules.

As a prerequisite nurses may be asked to submit a current IELTS certificate with minimum band scores of 6.5 with 7 overall. An affordable IELTS (Academic) training package is available throughout the year.

Please use the enquire on line link for further information or contact this office today. A member of the team will respectfully deal with all enquiries.Placement opportunities within the UK are always available for eminent Healthcare personnel.

Nursing 'lost its way', says CNO

Nursing "lost its way" on values during the recruitment drive at the start of the new millennium, chief nursing officer Dame Christine Beasley has told the Mid Staffordshire public inquiry.

Treat Yourself


Some pharmacies run a minor ailment service, which means that they can supply medicines for certain specific conditions


•skin conditions, such as mild acne and mild eczema
•coughs and colds, including nasal congestion and sore throat
•minor cuts and bruises
•constipation and haemorrhoids (piles)
•hay fever and allergies
•aches and pains, such as headaches, earache and backache
•indigestion, diarrhoea and threadworms
•period pain and thrush
•warts and verrucas, mouth ulcers and cold sores
•athlete's foot
•nappy rash and teething


Go to your Doctor

walk-in centre or accident and emergency for:


•suturing or wound and dressing care
•muscle and joint injuries, including strains and sprains
•lacerations, cuts, fractures, severe sprains and strains
•infected wounds and foreign bodies
•head injuries or loss of consciousness
•suspected broken bones or heavy blood loss
•persistent chest pain or difficulty breathing
•overdose or poisoning


Your Dentist


Cosmetic treatment•tooth bleaching
•changing the tooth's form
•changing of fillings
Preventive treatment•caries treatment
•root canal
•teeth rebuilding
•preventive parodontal disease treatment
Porcelain crowns and bridges• sat on metal
• sat on gold
•full ceramic
Denture•standard - acrylic
•soft acryl
•framework prosthesis
Surgery •teeth out pooling
•gums surgery
Implants•implants in jaws and gums using pressure lock
Orthodontics•" teeth regulation
Periodontics • gums disease treatment. Here also parodontal disease